Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ohh... Love is in the Air!

February: the month of love.

For many, Valentine's Day tends to put extra and unwanted pressure for lovebirds of all ages. The day can be perfectly romantic...but it can also go so wrong. Depending on the type of partner relationship that you have, Valentine's Day can either be a breeze or represent a challenge. At its best, Valentine's Day is at least an opportunity to demonstrate how you feel about your partner, albeit in a pressurized setting.  Do you go to dinner? Do you go see a movie? Is this the one where you go the jewelry route?  It all depends on the type of partner and relationship you have. In the end, it's all about showing your loved one how much you care.

Make the most of this Valentine's Day and use it as a reminder to reflect on how you feel about your current EDI consultants and VAN service provider, because we know how easy it is to fall in love with us here at Tradewave. http://www.tradewave.ca/services.php . We make for a great business partnership.

Tradewave works to ensure our business partnerships maintain consistency and dependability. We make an effort early on in our relationships to establish this reliability. If you need us, we are here, always.  We also work hard to drive home our consistency. Minimal roadblocks or hurdles are important for us to bring to the business partner table. Our partners are grocers, craft beer brewers, accountants, IT Managers, and many other unique roles who need EDI, done right.

At Tradewave, we're looking for the right fit in a business partner.  We work hard early on to clearly identify and meet the needs of our clients, knowing that it's important to be a good match.

You can trust us, we are reputable, we are in for the long-haul with over 20 years experience, and we are very committed. 

"Like" us on Facebook today, and let us show you how much we care.

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