Saturday, 4 March 2017

Check out these reasons as to what make us a great fit and partner for your company...

March brings dreams of gold and rainbows (St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner). Its always a great time of year. Spring is on its way, and its the perfect chance to get together with some good friends, act a little silly and share a few laughs. It's also a great time to set your worries aside... and enjoy a pint of green ale! If only you could!Our goal at Tradewave is to ensure our Partners can!

Wouldn't it be glorious to get out everyday like St-Patrick's Day - where you can  forget about work, the bills that are adding up, and escape with friends and family from the worries and pressures of deadlines and the constant calls to support where you are placed on hold (automation hell, we call it here) where you are unsure what key to press to talk to a human!

For us here at Tradewave, we are always alert and on standby- even on St. Patrick's Day. The luck o' the Irish as they say, right? At Tradewave, we are not the biggest fans of "betting on luck" to make sure things run smooth.

 Here are few things that set us apart:

-Instead of leaving things to chance( ...or luck...) we prefer to identify milestones for our EDI customers so that they stay on track, and hit their targets.

-The staff at Tradewave works alongside their clients, as partners or outsourced extensions of their teams, to break down the necessary steps to their EDI implementation. This way, our customers  are in the "know", are aware of what to expect, and have a clear picture of what it's going to take to implement new partners; if that's their goal.

-We review the viability of the vendor/supplier/customer relationships, in order to determine if EDI is cost effective and feasible.

-We advise our clients on possible outcomes and recommend appropriate courses of action. Many of our clients compliment us on our direct and clear way of communicating. Tradewave does not deal in smoke and mirrors. Your success is our success.

So, we ask that as spring approaches, (a season of change and renewal remember...) you consider working with us, and allow us to help you achieve more free time while reaching your EDI goals.

Wishing on a four-leaf clover won't bring the results you want.  You know your business better than anyone. Are you being helped? Are the partners that you rely on returning your calls in a timely manner? Do you know if they are helping your business grow...or helping themselves?

We want to be there for you, so just know that IF you go out and  party this St. Patrick's Day,  we'll be right here; ready to take care of you, and your people.

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