Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The hunt is on...

The bouncy five year old catches a glimpse of shiny foil in the crevice of the tree and sprints towards it; the hunt for Easter eggs is on! Spring is here, and like the hopeful child - your company picked a business path and has a basket ready for savings - But....Is any "bunny" showing you where they are?

Don't worry - This blog isn't too Easter heavy, but if you are interested in some egg decorating tips:


Springtime at Tradewave has us helping clients like you hunt for hidden glimmers of foil right in your own backyard!

Those barely hidden eggs might have been obvious for you as you started your business, selected your EDI partner, built a company and you could easily find ways to become more profitable.  But as the years wear on, finding ways to cut costs and increase margins becomes more challenging.

Tradewave is here to help.

-Tradewave works with you to identify savings within your current EDI implementations.

-We use a keen eye, and lots of patience to help our partners find ideal EDI solutions to optimize success.

-As we work to review your VAN charges we can find ways to maximize returns.

So as you prepare for this year's Easter egg hunt, remember that not everything is obvious and identified as a savings. Having some help guide you on the path to capture more savings maybe a better way of handling the tasks at hand instead of chasing elusive "eggs"! Let Tradewave dig into those hidden places and locate where you might be leaving behind some hard-earned money!


Spring forward and do more with your business this year with Tradewave as a part of your team!

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