Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Dreaded "February Blahs"!

The Dreaded "February Blahs"! 

Many individuals ( ...and businesses for that matter...) are just trying to get through the sometimes dreadful month of February. Sure, it's the shortest month of the year, but that almost makes it worse! Some have expectations of love in anticipation of Valentine’s Day, and the hopes and dreams of a fresh 2018 are just starting to wear off as habitual patterns plunk us back into the regular routines of the year. The dreaded "February Blahs" indeed.

From a business perspective, many companies are still playing a bit of catch-up after the not so distant holidays, and most are trying to just get through the month. Some businesses are using their blah time to review the relationships that they have with key suppliers to see if the spark is still there.

Well,  here at Tradewave, we might as well embrace this as a  "season of love", so in that regard, we ask you: what is on your short list of a great relationship?

Here’s what our list looks like …

Tradewave works to ensure our business partnerships maintain consistency and dependability. We make an effort early on in our relationships to establish this reliability and build trust, quickly. If you need us, we are here: always! 
We also work hard to drive home our consistency. Roadblocks or hurdles that may seem small, are very important for us to bring to the business partner table; and shed light on potential concerns down the road. Our partners are grocers, craft beer breweries, accountants, IT Managers, and many other unique roles or sectors who need EDI, done right.
At Tradewave, we're looking for the right fit in a business partner.  We work hard early on to clearly identify and meet the needs of our clients, knowing that it's important to be a good match.
You can trust us, we are reputable, we are in for the long-haul with over 20+ years experience, and we are very committed. Tradewave. http://www.tradewave.ca/services.php . We make for a great business partnership.

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