Saturday, 17 February 2018

Tradewave can provide you a well deserved March!

Coming in like a lion, March is here again. March reminds us that we are well into the new year, and it's time to put our 2018 plans into action. At Tradewave, we love this time of year! This is the season when we receive many calls from curious and potential partners to look into what we can do for them before spring arrives full swing. It's nice and early in the year to make moves, connect with new business partners and shave down costs. Trust us to manage your EDI/SAP and eCommerce...the flowers won't be the only thing blossoming in the coming months, your business will be too!

The grocery landscape is changing - more is sold online than ever before. Tradewave can help you with setting up your EDI to stay current. Tradewave can help you take on more partners, open more doors than you thought, and and we are always ready to work when you are. In such a diverse industry with so many unique products, there are likely many potential companies that you would love to do business with. If they are not set up to trade and do EDI with you, or if VAN charges are too high, it may be a challenge to carry the product. At Tradewave, we can translate any invoice for you with ease. Grab hold of the opportunities to work with diverse businesses to give your store an edge. Leverage our 20+ years experience to set you up with several partners. Let us show you how we can help, just give us the file!

We have worked with some of the largest grocery chains in North America and have seen a lot. We are also very familiar with the hidden expenses that you might be surprised by; things like hidden VAN charges, or penalties at times where you really need the break. We help streamline these processes so you don't have to worry. We are a true outsourced extension of your team.

This March, while others are about to embrace their Spring Break, get the jump on your coming goals and sprout up with Tradewave. We can set you up to do more electronically. Tradewave - catch the wave!

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