Saturday, 17 March 2018

Spring forward: time to pop the hood with Tradewave.

Proactivity does not always come easy. Sometimes we dread looking under the hood of our car for fear of discovering something costly or troubling that will lead to more work. We just don't like to do it, and would rather remain naive about possible issues.

Tradewave understands that this pattern applies to business as well. Busy with day-to-day tasks, business owners sometimes hesitate to pop the hood on things that aren’t causing obvious problems. At Tradewave, we partner with you for a proactive approach to EDI/SAP and eCommerce.

We work to review your current EDI process, present concepts that will produce actual results, and give you the peace of mind in knowing each step of the implementation process along the way. You can rest easy knowing that we can quickly identify ways you could save on things like VAN services, simply by just giving us the file to review, at no cost. We want to earn your trust quickly so we can get to work saving you thousands of dollars, and opening up the flood gates to do business better electronically.

Tradewave works with you to identify savings within your current EDI implementations as well. We use a keen eye and lots of patience to help our partners find ideal EDI solutions to optimize success. We work efficiently to review your VAN charges to maximize returns.

As you begin to do your business spring cleaning, don't be afraid to dig deep and have Tradewave do some work to review where you are at.  Like a regular oil change and replacing those pesky filters, it will save you more than you realize in the long run. Embrace the attitude of being proactive with your EDI. We are right there beside you as an outsourced extension of your team.  It’s smooth cruising when you partner with Tradewave!

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